My thoughts on Realty TV Singing Shows

I recently watched American Idol to support some friends of mine who had made it ( Najah Lewis Trish Torrales @denisenatoli) super proud of them but after watching it and seeing how hurt some of the people were after they were rejected made me dig deep down to my feelings about these type of shows. Just because the 3 judges didn’t like them, does that define them as an artist? Not At ALL!!!!

Most of you already know that I got pretty far in XFactor when I was 15.  It was at that time where I realized this type of competition shows just aren’t for me.  I in no way think that anyone who is on them is bad; its perfect for that person….it’s just not for me.  I have been performing and singing since I was 8.  There was a time in my life when I would have done anything to make it big.  Now that I’ve started writing my own music and finding out who I am as an artist makes me want to stay away from competition altogether.   I want people to know me for my voice, for my lyrics and where I stand as a human being.   I want to make it because people get me, and not because I fit into a competitive shows criteria.

There are times when the band & I have done shows for 10 people and times when I’ve performed for thousands of people.  The numbers do not matter when the people are connecting to your music and lyrics, not the mold you fit into on a reality show!

Could you imagine if some of the legends of our music industry auditioned for these shows? You know as well as I do that they would never make it past the first round because they didn’t fit into the criteria of the show.

In these past few years, I’ve met with some pretty influential people in the music industry.  They more or less have told me that without this huge stereotypical following, or feeding into something that will sell, I will never make it.  That’s ok.  If I don’t become the biggest name out there, I will feel confident in knowing that I tried my best being me and performing music that I want to perform.  I do hope you will now understand the reason I chose to be me and continue supporting me through my musical journey.