#TallGirlAppreciationDay is trending on Twitter

I’m not sure if you know this, but I’m 5″11.  Well technically 5″10 1/2 and I hate it.  I know there are people that are going to say omg how annoying is she I would love to be tall!!!!.  

I’m going to tell you we all have insecurities and a lot of times people think because I am a singer I am this overly confident person but in truth I’m usually awkward in social situations and hate the fact I’m tall.  On stage however, I don’t care if I’m 7 feet tall.  Kind of weird but true

Not a day goes by without someone saying, oh my goodness you are tall.  To you it may be a compliment, but think about this.  Do you ever go up to someone and say oh my goodness you are short, oh my goodness you are fat, oh my goodness you are ugly so why is it any different?  

Im in 10th grade and the majority of people in my grade are way shorter than me so at the present time being tall stinks but I totally appreciate twitter trending #tallgirlappreciation day.

So the next time you go up to a tall kid think twice before saying Oh my God you are so tall cause its not always a compliment.  


One thought on “#TallGirlAppreciationDay is trending on Twitter

  1. Hi Kayla – Stevie GB here.
    I love your EP. It reminded me of an artist that was popular in the UK back in the late 70’s. You may have never heard of her.
    Rachel Sweet.
    Give her a listen on her you tube channel and let me know if you like it.
    Of course, your music has a much more modern feel but i just thought you might like to hear something new.
    So happy you are moving forward.
    You know I am one of your biggest fans and love to brag about you.


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