Feeling So Blessed!

So many cool things have been happening and I wanted to say some thank yous and let you know all the exciting things going on. As you know, I started working on original music with The Como Brothers My first EP “Castles In The Sand” is now available for downloand on Itunes, Amazon, CD Baby and any major music download services.

It all started with a song that was inspired by my Aunt Jeanine. Her and I worked together, then I showed it to the Como Brothers and they added some more words and melody and “Don’t Go Messing With My Heart” was born. Then after working with me, Matt & Andrew got inspired and wrote 2 more songs Your Love and What They Say. After months of practicing and recording in the studio we are done.

Thank you Vudu Studios, especially Tom Flynn

Thank you Dan Gluszak for being the most amazing drummer!

Thank you to my parents who support my choice to be a singer and think of it as a real career & to my brothers who have had to sit through some pretty boring things.

To the entire Como family. I feel like we are all one big family and being together is always some crazy adventure!

Thank you Matt & Andrew for not thinking I am some kid who sings but an artist who likes to write songs and has ideas!

To the kids in my school, who DO support what I do and think its cool. Thank you that means more to me than you know!

and the last thank you is for all of you that has supported me and my music through the years. Some of you have been following me since I am 9. I couldn’t have gotten here without all of YOU!

I’ve created a new page on Facebook that I hope you can like now. Its not the end of Kayla Starr, as I will still continue to sing oldies at but its the beginning for me, Kayla Stocker a singer/songwriter. Please like my new Facebook page at Kayla Stockert on Facebook


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