About Kayla (me)

Hi I’m Kayla and a normal 17 year old teenager.  I sing and write music but after that my life consists of hanging out with my friends, being with my family, daydreaming, putting on makeup, tweeting, watching make up tutorial videos and cooking!

I wanted to start a blog because I want to share my experiences with other people and especially kids that want to pursue a life in the music industry.

I’ve been singing this since I’m 8 and can see myself being a singer/performer for the rest of my life.  I also want to be a chef & fashion designer.

The most insane thing people find about me is the fact that I am very shy and probably not the most popular kid in school.  I think kids think I am probably stuck up or weird.  I admit I might be a little strange but far from stuck up.  I am just shy and hate the fact that I am TALL (good ole 5″11)

Performing my music takes me to another place, a place where I fit in, a place where I relax, a place I love!

you learn more about my music at


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